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March 6, 2011
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Bjbb: Mai [Spades] by Autumn-ClockW0rk Bjbb: Mai [Spades] by Autumn-ClockW0rk
--edited history,other,and character design--

i like strawberries

Name: Mai Fujimoto

Profession: Ripper

Age: 21

Height: 5'0

Weight: 100lbs

Rank Level: D-Orange

Weapons: Pistol and Throwing knives

Personality: Mai is the most outgoing person you will ever meet, mostly to mask her mentally unstable mind. Though she does have a naturally sweet personality she does a few mental illnesses, such as insomnia, slight schizophrenia, and mild depression, all caused by watching her fathers insides spill out onto the ground. She's usually very good at keeping her emotions in check, except for crying; she is quite the crybaby. She hardly ever gets angry, like ever. She panics very easily and tends to be disorganized, which obviously causes her to stress out. After her divorce she has taken a somewhat downward spiral and has become quite reclusive, shutting out practically every friend she ever had. She prefers to be alone but at the same time wishes she had people to hang out with. She always takes everything to heart, and often blames herself for bad things that happen. Despite all of her bad traits she still finds reasons to smile, and is always the girl that wants to cheer everyone up. She's one of the more reliable and trustworthy people you could meet and she never turns away a bunny in need. She tries to be as welcoming and friendly as possible despite being an emotional wreck. She also has a bad habit of saying sorry every single time, even when things arnt her fault.

History: Mai was born on June 5, in a quiet part of town to a loving mother and father. Her mother was a nurse and her father a surgeon, together they helped to run the small local hospital meant to help those who weren't able to afford health care. Both of her parents had the ears and tail of rabbits and often got a lot of hate for it, often resulting in threats sent in the mail everyday. Often the letters all said the same thing "If you don't leave this place we're going to kill you and burn this place to the ground." Her parents were strong though and never abandoned their little hospital. At the age of 5 Mai began to get the same treatment as her parents by the people who were against these "mutations". She was often ridiculed and mocked by the other children, adult's weren't much better, whispering to the other adults and children not to go near her.

At the age of 7 her mother left to do the daily shopping for groceries to hold them over for the next week but she never returned. Her father went out to look for her every night for the next month but when he finally realized there was no finding her he fell into silent depression. He was almost always in his room or working, Mai never really saw her father anymore after that. Now that she was practically invisible to her father and no one else seemed to give her any attention she would bury herself in books covering human anatomy. After reading so much about anatomy she wanted to experience hands on what it looked like in person, she would go out in the fields behind the hospital and catch mice to dissect and learn from. By the age of 8 she knew practically everything there was to know about how the human body worked and what made it tick.

Mai had to grow up fast due to not having any parental figures being around and having to take over the jobs of a nurse. The night her mother had disappeared 2 years later a group of 3 men had entered into the hospital. They rummaged the hospital before making their way to her fathers study room where she heard screams of pain coming from his room. She climbed out of her bed and crept to her fathers room peaking through the crack in the door. There she saw her fathers insides spilled out on the floor, blood splattered on the walls. She slowly backed away before turning and running down the stairs and out the emergency exit where she ran across the field. When she turned back to look at the hospital, flames leapt out the windows and the small hospital she loved was burning to the ground.

After the shock of losing her father in such a brutal way she began to lose it. She developed insomnia, and a mild case of schizophrenia. At the age of 16 she suffered from severe depression and attempted to take her own life several times. Throughout her time living in the woods she taught herself how to fight, and how to torture. She swore to herself that human's were the most despicable things on the face of the earth and that she was going to be sure they suffered. She grew a hunger for blood and began to imagine what it would be like to kill someone herself. The thirst to spill blood continually got stronger inside her, until one day she found someone hiking through the woods. She brutally murdered him and was quite pleased with herself, killing was a rush and quite pleasing. After hearing of Bjbb she set out looking for it. After asking around she finally was lead to it and joined as fast as she could. She has mellowed out a lot since she came here and only kills those who deserve it, only allowing her crazy side to come out when she's killing.

shes single
she has a butterfly tat on her neck, and a Spade tat on her right arm
Voice Sample:…

Ryu: Ex Husband, still good friends
Wired: Encountered when greeting new members
Kynton: Met for a brief time after her divorce
Yuusei: Had breakfast with
Gary: Old friend

~im always open for rp just note me if interested~
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tenshpai-senpai Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hiro's two of spades as well o no
Autumn-ClockW0rk Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
itsfate jkjk hahaha
tenshpai-senpai Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't except to see so many spade-apps, honestly īv`
Autumn-ClockW0rk Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ooh yeah...people seem to gravitate to the spades for some reason .3.
Tainted-Proxy Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yayyy update
Autumn-ClockW0rk Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mii-Roonii-Chan Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Autumn-ClockW0rk Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwh she's so cute! QuQ If you're interested in Kynton ([link] ) Feel free to note! :'D
Autumn-ClockW0rk Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank uuuu .u.
sure i shall note u then
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